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In Cardiff and elsewhere, women are fighting to reclaim their right to be in the public space without constantly fearing for their safety.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Earlier this year, a hoax was going around on social media about a ‘National Rape Day’, where men would supposedly be able to rape women without any consequence.

Despite it being a ridiculous rumour, women still had to warn each other about it; you never know who might take it a little too seriously. That night, we all made sure that we wouldn’t go outside alone, just in case.

And although I was myself accompanied by three men…

Caerau Ely juniors, a football club based in Cardiff, has just won the title of Community Club of the Year for Wales. A closer look at the ways in which they participate in their community reveals the important role that sports clubs play in children’s lives.

Last year, according to…

Sophie Zermatten

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